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The coming spring thaw can trigger serious flooding

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Spring may be in the air, but it also means more water on the ground. To property owners that means a real danger of serious flooding.


Every spring, warmer weather and melting ice and snow cause large amounts of runoff water to accumulate. And because the ground is still frozen, the water cannot penetrate the soil. This excess water overflows the banks of lakes, streams and rivers, causing seasonal flooding and damage to property.


Important precautions you can take to prepare for the coming flood season

Reiner Insurance would like to offer you these effective ways to protect your property and family from seasonal flooding.


  1. Rearrange downspouts to carry water several feet away from your property to a well-drained area.
  2. Move snow away from your property. Melting snow can cause a wet basement if allowed to melt and run down your basement wall.
  3. Perform a checkup on your sump pump, if you have one. Examine and clean the pump. Then pour water into the pit to make sure the discharge hose carries it away from your property to a well-drained area. Be sure the pipe is on sloped ground so it drains well and avoids freezing.
  4. Anchor fuel tanks in basements and outside properties. Unanchored tanks can be torn free by flood water, and the broken supply line can contaminate your basement. An outside tank can be swept downstream and damage other property.
  5. All electrical components should be 12 inches above flood line. Measure the height of electrical components, such as switches, sockets, circuit breakers and wiring. Contact a licensed electrician to make changes if necessary.
  6. Elevate your furnace and water heater by 12 inches. Place them on top of masonry blocks, concrete or pressure treated lumber. Do the same with your washer and dryer if they’re in your basement.
  7. Practice flood evacuation with your family. Plan a route that everyone knows and practice taking it. Identify an out-of-state relative or family friend to contact in case your family is separated during a serious flood. Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address and phone number of the contact.
  8. Get flood insurance through The Hartford.


Contact Reiner Insurance and ask for a quote. We’ll be happy to provide a quote and assist you in adding this valuable protection for your property.


Sign up for flood insurance now, before flood season starts. And protect your family and property through The Hartford.


Source: floodsmart.gov and FEMA


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