Flood insurance from The Hartford:


Flood insurance from The Hartford:

Three decades of protecting homes and businesses

As one of the country’s largest flood insurance providers, The Hartford offers flood insurance to protect our customers’ homes and business properties through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Through The Hartford, you can protect against flood damage to your most valuable assets, such as:

  • Structural elements, including walls, floors, equipment and fixtures.
  • Contents, such as furniture, appliances, carpeting, wall and floor coverings.
  • Personal items, such as clothing, audio equipment and televisions.

Important flood facts you should know:

  •  Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding.
  • Anyone can be financially vulnerable to floods – over 20% of all NFIP claims are filed by those not in high-risk areas. And one-third of all disaster assistance for flooding goes to people outside of high-risk areas.
  • Federal disaster assistance is only available if the President declares a federal disaster area. And then federal disaster assistance aid must be repaid.
  • In a high-risk area, your home is two times more likely to be damaged by flood than by fire.
  • An inch of water can cause an estimated $21,000 in damages to a 2,000-foot1 property.
  • Hurricanes, winter storms and snowmelt are common, but often overlooked, causes of flooding.
  • The average flood claim paid over the last 10 years amounted to approximately $48,000.


Contact Reiner Insurance for a flood insurance quote today.

The average flood policy costs less than $570 per year. A preferred risk policy can cost as little as $119 per year. Don’t leave your valuables or your property at risk.


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